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History of our childcare center.

We aim to create and provide warm, inspiring learning environments in which children feel safe, happy and free to be themselves. Unrushed and interest-based, with opportunities and a range of resources for extension to current understandings, we believe in being in the moment with the child, and valuing children’s input into the educational program.

We believe in holistic, authentic documentation to reflect the learning that is taking place, and moments which reflect great achievements and milestones. Our learning environment is enriched by activities designed to develop motor and cognitive learning skills. We work with children, their families and the community to provide a caring environment that encourages learning and develops a strong foundation for school years.


Children learn to smile from their parents.

We are committed to working with parents to provide the best care for all children.
2-5 year olds


Our rooms are bright with lots of space for learning and development. We focus on all 7 areas of learning within the EYFS

We’ll handle your child with care!

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