Parent Partnership

We are committed to working with parents to provide the best care for all children. We aim to do this by engaging in ongoing dialogue with our parents, to gain knowledge of the individual needs of the children and to support them in the best way possible. We inform parents regularly about their children’s progress and we provide opportunities for parents to learn about our curriculum and what the children learn at our setting. Information is passed on usually during parent’s meeting, daily verbal feedback or written communication.


We keep a diary system which we exchange with parents on food, sleep and nappy changes for young children. We also keep record of children’s development, work and play activities and share them with parents.


We involve parents in the planning of outings, themes, menus and various other projects. All parents have access to our compliance manual together with our policies and procedures. They are informed of the systems for registering queries, complaints or suggestions. We keep an open door policy for parents to come in and see us. We genuinely want to work with you to offer your child the best.

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