2-5 year olds

Toddlers To Pre-School

Our rooms are bright with lots of space for learning and development. We focus on all 7 areas of learning within the EYFS
We the help of our Early Years Teacher we encourage the children to experiment investigate and develop in all areas. We regularly observe and track the progress of our children which allows us to tailor activities to the children’s interests and areas of development. There are adult lead activities to teach specific skills and feed various interests as well as lots of child initiated activities dispersed throughout to allow freedom to express and create independently.

We follow the Government’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework which sets the standards for learning, development, and care for children from birth up to 5 years of age.


Our Circle Times focus on enhancing the communication and language skills of the children. We use fun games to introduce sounds and letters and then we work alongside every child in reaching their next developmental milestone. Our provision is personal and every child is encouraged and praised for their specific contribution.

We enjoy exploring the community around our nursery and we often visit places related to our current theme. The children are encouraged to reflect on their experiences and to make connections and associations. Our out of the setting trips are carefully planned and always enriched.

Before the child leaves our nursery to attend school, we contact the future school and develop a relationship so that the child can visit the school before attending it in the hope of facilitating a smooth and healthy transition for the child.

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